January 17, 2012

February 11, 2012: Riwkakant Planetarium Concert

If you enjoyed the video from Kapiw & Apappo's concert on January 15, don't miss the opportunity to see Emi Toko (aka Kapiw) perform as part of the unit Riwkakant on February 11 at the Tsukuba Expo Center Planetarium. The concert is a special event as part of the ongoing "Stars of the Ainu" Planetarium Show, which features the music of Riwkakant.

Although the date of the event is February 11, the Planetarium is starting to accept reservations from January 17, and seating is limited!

Please contact AINU PRIDE PRODUCTIONS if you need assistance in making reservations.


Riwkakant Planetarium Concert

Date: February 11
Time: 18:30 - 20:00

18:00 OPEN (please gather in front of the planetarium)
18:30 START
Planetarium Original Program "Stars of the Ainu" (40 min)
Riwkakant Concert (45 min)
20:00 END / CD signing

Admission: 500 yen (both children & adults)
*separate admission will be charged for entry prior to normal closing hours

Mai Kikukawa @ Tsukuba Expo Center
Tel: 029-858-1100  Fax: 029-858-1107
Email: planeconcert@expocenter.or.jp

Reserve online here (in Japanese only):

Web (in Japanese only):


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