March 23, 2012

REPORT: The Beauty of Tradition & Creation -2011 Ainu Folk Art Exhibit-

I was able to briefly visit the "The Beauty of Tradition & Creation -2011 Ainu Folk Art Exhibit-" that took place last month in the Tokyo Tower gallery (apologies for not posting pictures sooner).

The display space was a bit strange, being an open space directly connected with shops and food areas. The art was also exhibited in a more museum-like manner rather than as pieces of art. 

The upside was that there were several artists present demonstrating their craft and providing a chance for visitors to experience the creation of Ainu folk art themselves.

Ainu garments on display

Close-up of tray by Nobuo Yoshida

Iri-makiri (skinning knife) by Tahachi Urakawa

Matanpus headband by Machiko Kato

(More photos from the exhibit are available in our Facebook photo album.)

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