August 26, 2011

Documentary Film - Haruzo: A Life Among The Spirits

AINU PRIDE PRODUCTIONS is involved in a new project, the documentary film "Haruzo: A Life Among The Spirits" (original Japanese title: カムイと生きる) that presents the story of the Ainu elder Haruzo Urakawa. We are currently working with the producers of the documentary to assist them in working with Ainu artists in designing publicity material and we expect to work with them to produce the English subtitles for the film.

A facebook page and twitter account have been launched in anticipation of the film's release - although they are only in Japanese, please check them out!

We will also try to keep you updated on the progress of this project and provide you with further details as they become available for release.


  1. Homepage of "Haruzo: A Life Among the Spirits" now open!

  2. Illustrations and Ainu patterns for the site are provided by AINU PRIDE PRODUCTIONS featured artist SAYO.