August 20, 2011

August 21, 2011: Kitahiroshima Ainu Culture Festival

The city of Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido will host an Ainu Culture Festival featuring the Mukawa Ainu Cultural Preservation Association.


-Learning From Ainu Culture-
Ainu Culture Festival

Date/Time: August 21 (Sun), 14:00 OPEN / 14:30 START
Venue: Kitahiroshima Arts & Culture Hall (6-2-1 Chuo, Kitahiroshima)
Admission: Free

- "Regarding the Local Interaction Program" 
   Minatachi Soga (President, Kitahiroshima Youth Healthy Upbringing Liaison Committee)
-"The Willow-Leaf Fish (shishamo) Given to the Ainu (humans) by God"
   Mikiko Katayama (President, Mukawa Ainu Culture Preservation Association)

Ainu Culture Presentation:
- Traditional Kamuynomi Prayer Ceremony
- Ainu Traditional Dance Performance
- Ainu Music Performance (Mukkuri mouth-harp)

- Ainu Culture Introduction Panels
- Ainu Crafts 

*Organized by: Kitahiroshima Youth Healthy Upbringing Liaison Committee
*Supported by: City of Kitahiroshima, Kitahiroshima Board of Education
*A Foundation for Research and Promotion of Ainu Culture Program

Contact: Kitahiroshima Board of Education Youth Department (011) 372-3311 


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