February 22, 2012

March 3, 2012: The Ainu Museum Fair in Sendai

The Ainu Museum in Shiraoi, Hokkaido will be holding a fair in Sendai, including workshops, performances, and exhibits. This will be a opportunity for those in northern Honshu to get a taste of the Ainu Museum experience without having to go all the way to Hokkaido.


The Ainu Museum Fair in Sendai
-Together with the Folk Art of Miyagi-

Date/Time: March 3, 2012 (Sat) 12:30-16:30
Venue: Sendai City Youth Culture Center, Theater Hall
Admission: Free
Contact: Cultural Assets Bureau, Sendai City Hall (022-214-8892)


13:00 - 14:55 
Part 1: Spreading Ainu Culture from Shiraoi to the World
- Organizer's Greetings
- Mukkur Workshop
- Speech by Tomoe Nakano, Ainu Museum curator:
  "Ainu History & Culture -The Connection Between Shiraoi and Sendai-"
- Ainu prayer, song, and dance performance
  Kamuynomi (prayer to the gods)
  Mukkur performance
  Iyohay'ocis (impromptu song)
  Sarorun cikap rimse (crane dance)
  Iyomante rimse (dance of the bear-sending ceremony)

15:10 - 16:30 
Part 2: Let's Connect People to People, From Today to Tomorrow
- Performance: Ogatsu Hoinkagura (Ogatsu Hoinkagura Preservation Society)
- Performance: The Rice-Planting Dance of Akiu (Yumoto Rice-Planting Dance Preservation Society)
- Finale: Ainu Traditional Dance Yaysamanena
- Closing Greetings


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