February 16, 2012

Round-up for February

Following up on my previous entry, a quick round-up of events that took place in early February:


February 4 saw the event Pursuing "Susuriwka" through Video (details in Japanese here), a reflection through discussion and video viewing on the collaborative work between the tonkori musician OKI and Santee Smith of the Kaha:wi Dance Theatre. The event included a showing of "A Battle on the Bridge - The Creation of Susuriwka," a making-of documentary on the collaboration (and for which AINU PRIDE PRODUCTIONS helped produce the English subtitles for). 

A clip of "Susuriwka" (meaning 'willow bridge' in Ainu) is available below:


Also on February 4, the National Museum of Japanese History held its 6th History Museum Forum on the theme of "Preservation of Ainu Culture -Videos that Connect People with Memory, and People with People-" (details in Japanese here). The event featured a showing of various videos created by the museum documenting the current efforts of Ainu cultural preservation in Hokkaido, with comments and discussions from members of the community and lectures from experts in related fields.


Finally, on February 7 an event was held in Tokyo that featured Koji Yuki and Shoji Fukumoto from Ainu Art Project for an evening of Ainu story-telling and performance on the tonkori.


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