February 24, 2012

REPORT: Gallery MOZART & Riwkakant Planetarium Concert

February 11, 2012 

I was able to visit the Ainu Modern Art Exhibit at Gallery MOZART and then later head to Tsukuba to see the Riwkakant Planetarium Concert.

The Exhibit featured a wide variety of different Ainu artists working in different media, and ranging from relatively more traditional styles to the quite modern. 

Woodblock Print by Koji Yuki

Tapestry by Yoko Koyama

Woodcarving by Toru Kaizawa

Handkerchiefs by Tamami Kaizawa

(More photos from the exhibit are available in our Facebook photo album.)

(Please contact AINU PRIDE PRODUCTIONS if you are interested in purchasing any of these works.)

The Riwkakant Planetarium Concert was quite an interesting experience, as we were treated to a unique fusion of songs, sound, and light.

From http://riwkakant.blogspot.com/
While the concert was only a one-time experience (Riwkakant does not normally do live performances), you can still catch "Stars of the Ainu" Planetarium show until February 26, or you can purchase Riwkakant's CD from the blog/website, which includes many of the songs featured in the show.

Takeshi Kainuma + Toko Emi = Riwkakant

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