November 8, 2011

Articles: TOKYO Ainu and Hokkaido Woman

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"Documenting Urban Indigeneity: TOKYO Ainu and the 2011 survey on the living conditions of Ainu outside Hokkaido"


by Simon Cotterill at Japan Focus


A thorough look at the documentary film TOKYO Ainu and the Ainu community in Tokyo, although the article is not without its errors. In particular, the article refers to Shimokura Emi and Hiroyuki as "an Ainu couple" whereas in actuality Emi is Ainu while Hiroyuki (aka Ague) is not. Perhaps it's not clear in the film either. It may be interesting to discuss how issues of identity are addressed in relationships and families, as it is a complicated and at time problematic issue in the Ainu community (and with other indigenous communities I'm sure), but that is a blog entry for another day... 


TOKYO Ainu, of course, is one of the projects that AINU PRIDE PRODUCTIONS is involved in.

from the Japan Times

An introduction to the work of Deborah Davidson, who translates Ainu folk tales (uepeker) into English.

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