November 18, 2011

Nov. 19 - Dec. 25, 2011: Exhibit "A Journey of Ainu Place Names"

An exhibit of documents and materials collected by Hidezo Yamada (1899-1992), the preeminent researcher on Ainu place names, will be held at the Kitaguni (North Country) Museum in Nayoro, Hokkaido. Many of the place names in Hokkaido come from the Ainu language, and learning the origins of these names provides insight into the culture and history of the Ainu.

Seminars will be held in conjunction with the exhibit on the opening day, tomorrow November 19 (details below).

This exhibit was also held earlier this year in two locations in Wakkanai (Sep. 16 – Oct. 16 and Sep. 17 – Oct. 30, respectively).


"A Journey of Ainu Place Names –From the Research of Hidezo Yamada–"
2011 in Nayoro

Dates: November 19 (Sat) – December 25 (Sun), 9:00-17:00
(Closed Mondays)

Venue: Nayoro City Kitaguni Museum
222 Midorioka, Nayoro, Hokkaido
Tel: 01654-3-2575

Admission Free
(Admission required to view Permanent Exhibit)

Homepage (in Japanese):


November 19 (Saturday)  13:00-14:00
Seminar: Exhibition Guide
Instructor: Hokkaido Ainu Culture Research Center Employee

November 19 (Saturday)  14:30-17:00
Seminar: "Discovering the Ainu Culture of Nayoro and Northern Hokkaido"

Theme: "Interaction of Nayoro Ainu Beyond the Mountains –With a Focus on Information from Isokichi Kitakaze–"
Instructor: Masato Tamura (Curator, Historical Mueum of Hokkaido)

Theme: "Ainu Culture of Northern Hokkaido –With a Focus on Inaw–"
Instructor: Jirota Kitahara (Assistant Professor, Hokkaido University)

Organized by:
Ainu Culture Research Center
City Kitaguni Museum


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