November 8, 2011

November 8, 2011: Special Seminar at Meisei University

The Education Department at Meisei University will be holding a special seminar on Ainu culture open to the public.

"Learning the History and Culture of the Ainu"
-Hapo Unkeray Pase Ikor (A Treasure Received from My Mother)-

November 8, 2011 (Tuesday)
16:30 - 18:00

Meisei University Hino Campus
Building #26, 5th Floor Room 504

Access Information:

Seminar Contents:
Ainu language, teachings, oral traditions, songs, mukkur performance and workshop, food culture

Keiko Kyuno (Ainu cultural advisor)
Born in Urakawa Hokkaido, currently living in Chiba. There was a period when she lived apart from Ainu culture, but approximately 10 years ago, she began to take part in a wide range of Ainu activities, including Ainu language, oral tradition, song, dance, embroidery, cooking, etc., becoming an Ainu cultural advisor. She was awarded first prize at the Ainu Speech Contest. Her mother, Saki Toyama, has a wide range of knowledge and skill in Ainu culture, receiving awards in Ainu Language (2004) and Ainu Culture (2009).

Meisei University Education Department Office
TEL 042-596-6734
Professor Kayano's Office
TEL 042-591-6657

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